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W. Campbell Supply Company, Inc. was founded in 1967 by the late Whitman S. Campbell, commonly known as Woody. The business was originally located in Woody's home in Edison, New Jersey. After a very short time the Company relocated to a small one room office located at 9 Hooker Street in Jamesburg, New Jersey, at which time Woody signed on with FWD/Seagrave Corporation as a distributor covering the state of New Jersey and portions of Pennsylvania.

During the years 1968 and 1969 it became obvious Woody was going to be very successful selling Fire Apparatus. In 1969 a full-time secretary and mechanic were hired and the business was relocated to Route 130 in Dayton, New Jersey. This location gave the Company the opportunity to open a Service Department. After the tragic death of the Company's first mechanic, Spencer Fritz, Mr. Thomas Derry who previously held a position with the Seagrave Service Department was appointed Service Manager. The Service Department immediately became very busy and profitable and established itself as one of the first fire dedicated shops in the area. Shortly thereafter Woody realized the need for "in house" fire apparatus repairs and purchased the Company's very first service vehicle.  Campbell Supply Company, Inc. was now repairing fire trucks at the fire stations as well as in the shop.

During this time frame, with the shake of hand, Ted Jensen came on board as the Company's first outside sales representative. As time passed many vendor accounts were opened including those that manufactured brass goods, hose, fire tools, breathing apparatus, protective clothing, emergency warning lights, sirens and countless other items. As the Company expanded many business relationships were established with various subcontractors such as machine shops, body men/painters, gold leaf and striping people, engine re-builders and many others, all in an effort of expanding the customer base and increasing the service business.  The Company's sales volume steadily increased through the seventy's including the sale of thirty-one (31) Snorkel units in the state of New Jersey in a five (5) year period. As Woody built and expanded the Company, Scott Campbell, his son, came aboard at a very young age and worked in many different capacities until 1980. It was at this point that Scott started working as a full-time apprentice mechanic and began grooming for eventual ownership of the Company. The 1980's heaped tremendous change on the Company including the additional sales areas of New York City, Long Island and additional counties in Pennsylvania. Also during this time a number of additional shop and sales personnel were hired including it's current Vice-President, Charles (Chuck) Yeoman.  Many steps forward and a few to the rear were taken in the mid 80's including substantial multiple orders in the City of New York and Philadelphia and the addition of four (4) road service vehicles. It was also during this time period that the decision to provide parts and warranty service directly to the New York City Fire Department was made.

In January 1987 Woody experienced a severe heart attack which basically removed him from the Company for a six month period.  It was at this time that Scott Campbell assumed management of the Company and Chuck Yeoman assumed management of the Service Department.  The tail end of the 1980's saw the Company move to a new office/service center located in Perth Amboy, New Jersey.  It took only eighteen (18) months before the Company out grew the facility and began seeking a larger facility.

In June 1990 the Company once again changed locations, one quarter of one mile where twenty three years prior, the Company was founded.  This facility consists of approximately 7000 square feet of office space, a parts store room, and four (4) 60' drive through truck bays.  The facility is alarmed and under twenty-four hour electronic surveillance.

"Lead, follow or get out of the way" was the philosophy as the Company entered into the new decade.  That motto quickly changed though to "Make it Happen" as the Company delivered approximately 129 pieces of apparatus in a 36 month period.  A very busy time for the Company with 109 pumper units delivered to the New York City Fire Department alone.  Taking on the single largest domestic order in history was no small task.  Each unit had to be dealer prepped, state of the art Motorola communications equipment installed, graphics and identification packages applied, Ziebart rust proofing applied and F.D.N.Y. pump and road tests performed.  This time being the greatest since the Company was born also became the saddest for in January of 1993, Woody became seriously ill and passed away in June of that year.  The Board of Directors, consisting of Scott Campbell, Ted Jensen, Bill Farrell and Chuck Yeoman immediately scheduled a meeting at which time Scott Campbell assumed the Presidents position and complete ownership, Chuck Yeoman was appointed Vice President.

The Company had more changes.  A second branch was opened in Southern New Jersey, the full-time staff had grown to 21 full-time and 10 part-time.  Major investments were made in shop equipment, inventory, tools and road vehicles.  A total of seven (7) road vehicles are now operating.  At the heart of the Company's operation is a Sequel based business system which runs all aspects of accounting, job cost inventory turns as well as daily operating control reports. 

Entering into the millennium the company was in for total evolution.  In October of 1998 discussions began with American LaFrance Corporation to provide representation in the NY, NJ Metropolitan Area.  During the course of a six (6) month period the directors diligently studied the American LaFrance products, customer support, parent company, business practices and future business plans.  In May of 1999, the American LaFrance Dealer Agreement was signed and representation began.  Since the marriage of American LaFrance and Campbell Supply Co., Inc. the growth has been phenominal.  Campbell Supply has relocated to South Plainfield, NJ.  This facility comprises approximately 15,000 square feet and has two (2) five-ton traveling bridge cranes for heavy Aerial work and re-mounts.  A Long Island Sales and Service Center has been opened, there has been three (3) additional service vehicles added.  New and used truck sales continue to be strong. 

We welcome each and everyone of you to try the products and services Campbell Supply Co., Inc. offers. We also encourage you to visit our site often as we intend to change it often and remain interesting to you, our valued customers.